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Stone Coated Verona Roof Tiles

Our Verona roof tiles are made with a 26 gauge high corrosion resistant aluminum-zinc- steel sheet (aluzinc) as the substrate which is coated with a highly weather-resistant acrylic resin as the adhesive. The surface layer is finished with natural volcanic stone chips sourced from the finest quarries in France. This roof offers a compelling combination of durability, energy efficiency, fire resistance, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal for any residential or commercial building. These advantages make them a practical and sustainable choice, ensuring long-term protection and enhanced value.

Offering a traditional look much like that of clay tiles but avoiding all the problems associated with clay. They are available in subtle and natural colors to add the most natural look and feel to your house. This profile is easy to install, weather proof, doesn't degenerate under UV light, lightweight, and offers protection under extreme weather conditions.

Advantages of using Verona roof tiles

  • Reduce heat and noise as the surface is covered with natural stone chips that will buffer the sound of rain and foot traffic even in the most extreme conditions.
  • High quality water-based acrylic resin as the adhesive.
  • Easy installation.
  • Only 1/6th the weight of a traditional clay or cement tile.
  • An expected life span of over 50 years.

High Quality Raw Material

Verona Tile Specifications

Product Name

Verona Tile


Galvalume AZ150 alloy (Aluminum Zinc plated steel sheet =PPGL), Natural stone chip, Acrylic resin glue


Tuscany (Terracotta colour with cream speckles)

Tile Size

1300 x 420mm

Effective Coverage

1250 x 370mm




2.35-3.50 kg / Sheet

Coverage Area

0.46 sq. m./ Sheet

Tiles / Sq. m.

2.16 Sheet




Residential, Commercial


Verona Tile