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Metal Shake Roofing

Metal shake sheeting is a metal alternative to traditional wooden shake. You will love the authentic look of wood, while gaining the longevity of metal and a variety of colour choices to blend with your building's decor. These modular press-formed, pre-painted panels are available in standard dimensions and shapes. Our metal shake roofing is growing in popularity for residential applications. They are made using steel, aluminum or aluzinc metal. The roof panels are attached with hidden and exposed fasteners directly to the underling purlins as the preferred method of installation. They are best installed using a 4-way interlocking pattern to provide exceptional wind up-lift resistance.


  • Overall Panel Length – 52”
  • Coverage after lapping – 49”
  • Overall Panel Width – 16 ½”
  • Coverage after lapping– 14 ½”
  • Height of panel – 1”
  • Weight of Panel – 3.2kg
  • Weight Area – 7.0 kg/m2