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Corrugated Sheeting

Sheet Profile

The 42” wide corrugated sheets allows for fewer sheets to be used. Sheets can be rolled to lengths that suit your specific requirements, however not greater than 50’-0” long as transport and handling can be strenuous. We recommend that #12 x2” self-drilling fasteners of cadmium coated stainless steel and washers of high neoprene to be used upon installation.



Total Coated Thickness

Internal Span

End Span

Roofing / Siding




Roofing / Siding




Installation Guidelines

  1. Laying the sheets. Screw the crown of the corrugations into the purlin, mark the position of the purlin on the top side of the sheets as you lay it. Use a straight edge or a taut line to position the fixings across the sheet. Do not screw the top row or under lapping side until the over lapping sheets are in place. Make sure to lap sheet away from the prevailing winds.
  2. Fixing Ridges. Commence fixing ridges at the opposite end of the roof to the prevailing winds. Overlap should be about ten (10) inches.
  3. Bash Boards. Bash boards are formed by either screwing the final corrugation into a timber bash board or use a metal bash board flashing.
  4. Cutting. Refrain from using a metal cutting disc as it will accelerate corrosion.
  5. Fixing at Eaves. Do not overhang the sheets more than three (3) inches. Draughts may be reduced by using foam or styrotex filler pieces at the eaves.