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K-Style Aluminum Guttering System

Why use Roof-It’s full length 6” K-style Aluminum Guttering System?

The purpose of guttering is to collect rainwater from the roof an direct it away from the building’s foundation by means of down pipes and underground drainage lines (where available). Guttering can also assist in reducing the rapid build-up of moss and fungus from around your home or building. Our system is esthetically pleasing and will add additional value to your property.

Rain Gutter

What happens when your guttering is installed improperly?

An improper functioning gutter and down pipe system can contribute to water backing up against the fascia board, it can cause damage to soffits and discolour painted building walls, faulty gutters and down pipes can also lead to soil erosion adjacent to the building and can result in foundation displacement.

  1. 6” k Style Aluminum Gutter
  2. 6” Aluminum Gutter Hanger
  3. 6” Inside Aluminum Strip Mitre
  4. 6” Outside Aluminum Strip Mitre
  5. 6” Right Aluminum End Cap
  6. 6” Left Aluminum End Cap
  7. 3” x 4” Aluminum Outlet
  8. 3” x 4” Aluminum Elbow
  9. 3” x 4” Aluminum Strap
  10. 3” x 4” Aluminum Down Pipe
  11. 3” x 4” Aluminum Shoe

Installation Guidelines

  1. Gutters should be sloped to a minimum of 1 inch for every 40 feet of run.
  2. Gutters should be positioned tight against the fascia and close to the roofing sheets.
  3. Down pipes are sized according to the roof area they drain.
  4. A common rule of thumb in the industry is that a 3” x 4” down pipe will suffice for a 1200 sq. ft. roof area because it is less likely to become clogged and is easy to clean.