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Our S-Tile metal roofing is an attractive tile profile resembling traditional clay roofing tiles and is available in a variety of colours. This roofing material offers the same aesthetic benefits as our clay or concrete tile, but its through-fastening system allows for faster and easier installation. Like clay or concrete tiles, S-Tile combines the classic and elegant clay tile appearance with low maintenance and lightweight aluzinc or G90 steel. The continuous ā€œSā€ fold produces a panel that is installed vertically up the roof from the eave to the ridge. Typical applications for S-Tile are commercial and residential with a minimum pitch of 3:12 and up and is 1/10 the weight of clay or concrete tiles.

Some benefits of our S-Tile roofing system are:

  • Continuous airflow beneath this roofing system enhances the cooling effect of these naturally reflective metal roofing materials.
  • The through-fastening system of S-Tile allows for simpler, quicker and less costly installation.
  • Our pre coated self-tapping American brand roofing screws are up to four times more corrosion-resistant than other cheaper brands predominately used in the industry.
  • More structurally sound than other materials.
  • Excellent wind damage resistance.
  • Rinses clean naturally during rainfall
  • Virtually maintenance free