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Soffit / Outer Eave

Soffit or Outer eave ceiling (as it is sometimes called) is located around the perimeter roof eaves of your building. Our 28 gauge pre-painted “white” inverted standing seam soffit panel system is the preferred choice for homeowners and architects.

White complements well with any colour paint you may choose for your walls and provides a neutral line between your roof and building. If white is not your preferred choice we also offer a wide array of colours (refer to our colour chart) and gauges. Some benefits of our soffit system include:

  • Durability - as the quality of the material is roofing grade.
  • Easy maintenance - use a soft cloth and water.
  • Self- vented - allows for thermal cooling of your attic space.
  • Its flat panel profile - prevent birds and bats from getting into your roof.


  • Effective coverage of panel: 18”
  • Lengths: Can be rolled formed to client’s requirements
  • Available gauges: 28 (0.4mm), 26 (0.5mm) or 24 (0.6mm)
  • Paint finishes: Silicone modified polyester (SMP) or PVF2
  • Fixing method: Panels are snap locked together and held in position using pre painted wall angles and ½” painted PPH screws (white, brown & black).
  • Applications: Roof eaves, garage & porch ceilings, wall siding.